Terms & Conditions

Legal Rights

You must have the legal right to grant permission to Magic Light Press to publish in eBook format the book that you upload

You must not have granted exclusive digital publishing rights to any other party for the book that you upload

The book you upload must not be a public domain work (unless you are the true original author)


We (Magic Light Press) make no legal claim to the copyright of the eBook that we produce from your manuscript

You (or whoever is the legal holder)  shall remain the copyright owner of the book you upload

Royalty Payments

If you use our eBook Distribution Service you will keep 80% of the royalties generated by sales of your eBook(s).

We pay you your royalties via Paypal or bank transfer

You will be paid each month as long as your royalties due exceed €100 plus any bank transfer fees incurred

Your royalties will be paid to you once they reach the required amount of €100


We will generally publish any submissions which do not violate, or which do not appear to violate the requirements of the specific retailers we submit your eBook to

If for any reason, we decide against publication of a submission you will be refunded any set-up fees paid and any agreement between Magic Light Press and you with regards to the particular submission cancelled with immediate effect

Generally, we will publish your work as it is delivered to us, and not edit or modify it. Certain modifications may occur caused by file or design conversions

We do not guarantee accurate preservation of the original formatting

We will not accept responsibility if your eBook is rejected by a retailer for non-technical reasons (e.g. unsuitable content or legal reasons)

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Wherever offered by the retailer we will select to publish your eBook in a format that encompasses copyright protection in the form of DRM

If you would prefer to publish your eBook without DRM please let us know and we will select non-DRM publication whenever possible